Farmers' faces brightened due to bumper production!!!

This time there has been a bumper production of garlic in Hadoti division of Rajasthan. Due to good yield, farmers have been reaching the markets with garlic. This time farmers are getting good profits from garlic. This time the quality of garlic coming in the markets is said to be good. The garlic coming in the market is shining like silver. Due to this, along with the farmers, the garlic traders have also lost their money. From here, garlic is being sent to other states of the country and also to foreign countries.

Garlic became costlier than last year

In Kota division, this time the prices of garlic are higher than last year. Despite bumper production, the price of garlic has increased rapidly. Last year too, the prices of garlic were high and people had to buy garlic for up to Rs 200 per kg. These days the prices of garlic are skyrocketing in the agricultural produce market of Kota. The price of garlic in bulk has reached Rs 4 thousand to Rs 18 thousand per quintal. The prices are expected to increase further, due to which farmers as well as traders have started stocking the goods.

This garlic reached Rs 21 thousand per kg

Some traders are exporting garlic to bangladesh and some are sending it to other cities. Farmer organizations say that last year, when the price was good, more than 5 lakh farmers had sown the garlic crop in this Rabi season. This time too, happiness can be clearly seen on the faces of farmers due to high prices. This time the yield is expected to be around 5.90 lakh metric tonnes. In Bhamashah Mandi, the price of double bomb garlic with big lumps of good quality has reached Rs 21 thousand per ton.

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