Modi: ayodhya Rama vs. rationed rice! The bjp is desperate to come to power for the third time at the centre

The bjp is desperate to come to power for the third time at the centre. Working hard for it. It has also set a target to win 370 seats on its own. Meanwhile, any political party should have a strong slogan in elections. It should be completely connected to the masses.
Then the desired response is seen. Before the election schedule, bjp has a strong weapon in its hand. The same is the construction of ram mandir in Ayodhya. bjp is very confident that it will backfire this time. He said that despite facing criticism that the opening ceremony of the ram mandir in ayodhya was completely turned into a party ceremony, the bjp did not say what its agenda was.
It was also analyzed that at one stage, half of the elections in the country were completed by the opening ceremony of the ram Mandir. He said that BJP's work is half done and it is half way to victory. It was at that time that the election slogan of the bjp announced that it would win 370 seats on its own and 400 seats with the nda alliance. All this was before the election schedule was released. The political scenario in the country has suddenly changed after the release of the Tira election schedule. In ayodhya, the ram mandir was not the original issue, but the background was created. With that, bjp had to bring various issues to the fore.

The prominent one is the abolition of reservation for Muslims. In fact, it is an emotive issue. But this emotion has gone to the side with the anti-incumbency that has come from the BJP's rule for the last ten years. Moreover, every time before the elections, the bjp wants to bring forward such issues, as criticisms are coming from the opposition and people have the same feeling, so this issue has not worked much. On the other hand, bjp has given a strong slogan that they will take over PoK. But even that didn't seem to go over well with the masses. And BJP's comments that the property in the country will be tied to one group if the congress comes to power have boomeranged. Also, another comment about having more children did not impress people. But the explanations given by the bjp leaders after giving amendments to them did not go well with the people.

While watching this, four phase elections were held in the country. In addition to this, the polling percentage has been declining, bjp, which has weighed the pattern of voters in the polls, is now trying to reach the people with the real facts. Majority of the polling has ended. And they are thinking to change the destiny of bjp in the last three phases of polling. That's why bjp got another slogan to slowly move away from Rama and take the side of the poor. The same is ration rice for the poor. prime minister Narendra Modi is campaigning for the latest election by saying that he is giving ration rice to 180 crore people in this country. Now it really becomes an election issue. Because the question for any government is what has been done to alleviate hunger. None of the other elements are emotional, but they don't make any sense. But there is a debate as to how effective the slogan of bjp is in the final phase.

Not only that, Modi has said in many interviews that if his government comes again, he will address the problems of the youth. This should also be seen as a fundamental change coming in BJP. But it is being heard that if the problems of the youth had been fully addressed during the last ten years of rule before the elections, they would have been the ladder of BJP's victory. Not only that, he said two crore jobs per year. If at least a certain percentage of them had been replaced, it would have become a plus point for the bjp and brought the youth together. Anyway, political parties should have a realistic perspective. If you think that people will listen to you and drive them, sometimes the results will make a difference. The opposition intellectuals are also saying that the elections being held in the country this time are a referendum on the BJP's ten-year rule. They say that bjp can reach the people in elections only by claiming its victories. Now it is time for the bjp to discuss the good things it has done during its ten-year rule.

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