Until recently, the people of india praised Modi as an unstoppable leader and a ruler like Lord Rama. But now it seems that the people are ready to oust him. Political analysts say that the reason for this is that the number of parliamentary seats for bjp is likely to decrease. The same is seen in polling surveys and patterns. While Modi's popularity is decreasing, rahul Gandhi's popularity is increasing. His speeches get special importance. rahul is also getting angry with this momentum. Modi was recently played a game.

He criticized prime minister Narendra Modi as a copy cat. rahul gandhi mockingly said that he has the power to say anything to Modi. He made interesting comments saying that he has the ability to keep those words from coming out of Modi's mouth even if people want them to stay out of his mouth. rahul recently participated in a rally held in Rae bareli in UP as part of the election campaign and made such comments on that occasion. He reminded that he had recently mentioned the names of adani and Ambani and thus always mentioned their names in his speeches.

He said that he can talk any words with Modi if he thinks about it. rahul said, "Recently, if you asked 'Modiji, why you never utter the names of Adani-Ambani', within two days, Modi uttered the names of adani and Ambani." "When I promised to deposit 'taka-tuk taka-tuk' money into the bank accounts of the poor...Modi also immediately talked about 'taka-tuk taka-tuk' money. Whatever I say, Modi immediately uses it in his speech," rahul quipped. . In this way, Modi can say what people want in two minutes from his mouth but ends his speech. Let's see how bjp reacts to this.

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