Lok Sabha elections are over in telugu states. But bettors are betting on the upcoming results at a record level. Especially in andhra pradesh, india Herald has come to know that the betting stone race has reached crores. In which constituencies, which party's candidate will win? How much lead will the winning candidate have? Which party is actually winning in key constituencies in Andhra Pradesh? 

Who will win the most seats? Which party will win andhra pradesh seat of power? Competitions are going on at a record level on these issues. At the level of the activists, lakhs are being wagered, but at the level of the leaders, they are betting in crores. In Ubhayagodavari, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, nellore and kadapa districts, these betting discussions are going on a lot and are a hot topic. It is noteworthy that some nobles put their valuable lands together in bets.

In Mangalagiri, pithapuram, Gudivada, Gannavaram, Undi, Dharmavaram, kakinada City, Rajolu, vijayawada East and nagari assembly constituencies, the betting is running at a record level in the range of adventure. Especially pithapuram is a hot seat. Because a very popular person janasena leader power star pawan kalyan is contesting here so the betting is also in that range. india Herald has learned that a businessman from kakinada has placed two and a half crore rupees with a broker that pawan kalyan will get a majority of more than 50 thousand in Pithapuram.

Meanwhile, while betting on the victory of alliance candidate Raghuramakrishna Raju in the constituency is going on at a rate of 1:2, if one bet that Chandrababu Naidu's majority in the heap will decrease, some others are betting that it will increase than before. And in Pulivendulu, the contest is going on at the rate of 1:3 against cm Jagan Mohan Reddy's record majority.

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