AP cm jagan left for london from gannavaram airport on Friday. He left for foreign countries in a special flight. It is reported that the flight charges a fee of Rs.12 lakh per hour. This matter was reported by abn Andhra Jyoti. The truth is much to be known. But now this is not the topic of discussion in AP, there is another important issue that has led to a big debate among the people of Andhra Pradesh. That is, when jagan arrived at the gannavaram airport, a man was seen walking suspiciously on Friday.

The police noticed the man acting suspiciously and immediately arrested him. His name is Lokesh. But he is not a resident of our India. Stayed in America and got citizenship there. But some interesting things are emerging about that person. After lokesh came to India, he participated in several YouTube interviews and alleged that jagan was moving containers of money to the state of Gujarat.

Allegations made by this person that jagan was sending money to Modi through containers became very popular in AP. Leading tv channels also aired special stories focusing on the containers and spying on them. A container came to Jagan's office, then left, remained in one place for an hour, and raised a curiosity saying that they did not know what was in it. nri lokesh also made some threatening remarks that he knew about the money being sent by jagan and that he would reveal the details.

  lokesh jagan, who led such a story, appeared suspiciously at the airport on the day of his arrival, giving rise to many suspicions. When he was arrested, he said that he had a heart attack and the police immediately rushed him to Ayush Hospital in Vijayawada. Why did he come to the airport? The police are waiting to investigate whether any attack was planned or planned.

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