Congress mla Irfan Ansari raised questions…?

Congress Mandal President Jitendra Lohra in Gumla, jharkhand has made serious allegations against the local police. He has alleged that the police station officer did inhuman acts with him and beat him up. There is anger in congress due to this incident. At the same time, now congress mla from Jamtara Irfan Ansari has also raised this issue. Raising questions on his own government, he said, "Champai Sorane, you are a strong cm of the state, the protector in the state is becoming the eater." This kind of incident cannot be tolerated at all in your state.

Irfan Ansari has demanded suspension of Gumla SHO and SP. Taking cognizance of the incident, Irfan Ansari , "Champai Soren ji, you are a strong cm of the state. The protector in the state is turning into a predator. Under you, such incidents will not be tolerated at all in the state. jharkhand Congress: The way the police station has treated Mangal Lohar brutally cannot be tolerated. "Strict action should be taken against Gumla SP and SHO and suspended so that the fear of Champai government falls on the administration and such incidents do not happen again."

What is the whole matter?

Jitendra Lohra said that he has complained to the Superintendent of police about the inhumanity that happened to him. He has given a written complaint to the SP in which it is written that Puso police station in-charge Himanshu Shekhar had come with some soldiers, all of them were in plain clothes. On the pretext of questioning, they took him to the police station and then locked him in the lockup. After this, after drinking alcohol, they were beaten with sticks. Lohra alleges that he was called for questioning regarding his brother. At the same time, the police station in-charge says that Lohra's brother is an accused in a kidnapping case, about which the police station was called to get information, but no assault took place.

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