Sudhir Sharma, furious at cm Sukhu in Himachal...

Bharatiya Janata party candidate Sudhir Sharma is continuously busy campaigning in the by-election of Dharamshala assembly constituency. On one hand, Sudhir Sharma is seeking support from the public, while on the other hand, he is continuously attacking chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu.

Sudhir Sharma said that the people of Dharamshala are getting good response. He said that the public has made up its mind to make bjp win. In Dharamshala, his fight is not with the congress candidate, but directly with the Chief Minister. He said that this election is to change the Chief Minister.

Sudhir Sharma's serious allegations against cm Sukhu

BJP candidate Sudhir Sharma also hit back at chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu's statement in which he had called Sudhir Sharma a land mafia without taking his name. Sudhir Sharma said that the chief minister gives dates for disclosure as if he has to appear before a court. Sudhir Sharma alleged that the chief minister had called the SDM in Dharamshala tehsil and asked him to extract all the records of the registry.

He said that the chief minister is talking as if Sudhir Sharma is getting every land transaction done in Dharamshala. He said that papers are also being issued to the common people by the government. Sudhir Sharma said that he has also been asked to take out the documents of the hotel in which he has to visit. He said, "The government feels that if Sudhir Sharma visits any hotel, then that hotel belongs to Sudhir only." Sudhir Sharma said that the chief minister is in a panic and he has full sympathies with the Chief Minister.

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