There is a huge decline in the number of women voters?

It will be known on june 4 that which party will be hit hardest by the decline in voting percentage in the 6 months between the assembly elections in madhya pradesh and the lok sabha elections, but the decline in voting percentage of more than 11% among women will have a negative impact on the political parties. There is a commotion. It is believed that out of 29 lok sabha seats, there could be a close contest on a dozen seats. It is noteworthy that in the madhya pradesh assembly elections 2023, women had left men behind in the race to vote on 34 assembly seats. Apart from this, the number of women voters had also increased. If we talk about the year 2018, the number of women voters per 1000 men in the assembly elections was 917, which increased to 945 in 2023. Thus an increase of 3.9% was seen in the women vote bank.

Decrease in women voters

In the year 2023, there were 29 assemblies where the number of women voters had surpassed that of men. In the lok sabha elections, 66.87 percent voting took place in four phases in Madhya Pradesh. In these, the percentage of women voters has come out to be 64.24 which is much less as compared to the assembly elections. In the assembly elections 2023, women voted 76.03 percent. If we look at the difference in voting percentage of assembly and lok sabha, women have voted 11.79% less.

Dear sisters did wonders in the year 2023

In madhya pradesh, bharatiya janata party had won a record number of seats in the assembly elections 2023. congress was stuck at only 66 seats while an independent won one seat. Thus, bharatiya janata party captured 163 seats. Political information says that the magic of Ladli sisters has worked in the 2023 assembly elections. The effect of the schemes implemented by the government for women was seen in the elections. However, senior bjp leaders have also accepted the fact that the bjp flag is flying not only in madhya pradesh but also in other states where there was no Laadli Behan scheme. In this, examples of some states including rajasthan have also been given.

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