'Swati Maliwal is a pawn of bjp, intention was to trap Kejriwal'

Swati Maliwal Case: aam aadmi party has completely rejected the allegations of swati Maliwal. He said that swati Maliwal hatched this conspiracy at the behest of BJP.Now a new twist has come in the case of alleged assault with aam aadmi party MP swati Maliwal. AAP leader Atishi has denied swati Maliwal's allegations in a press conference. He has called swati Maliwal a pawn of BJP's conspiracy. Atishi said that swati has made false allegations at the behest of BJP. BJP's intention was to implicate arvind kejriwal, but the cm was not at home at that time. That's why he was saved.

Atishi said, 'When swati Maliwal reached the cm residence, she insisted on meeting arvind kejriwal, her PM Bibhav Kumar said that the chief minister was busy, then swati started screaming and tried to enter inside.

'BJP conspired to trap Kejriwal'

Atishi said that ever since arvind kejriwal came out of jail, bjp is in panic. In this panic he used swati Maliwal. Atishi said that arvind kejriwal was not present during this conspiracy, hence he was saved. Then swati Maliwal accused Vibhav Kumar.Atishi said that a video of the drawing room of the Chief Minister's residence has surfaced in which the truth has come out. swati Maliwal said in her complaint to the police and the registered FIR that she was brutally assaulted, she was punched, her head was hit, her shirt buttons were torn, but the video that has surfaced shows nothing like this. not giving.

'Swati Maliwal is seen threatening in the video'

Swati Maliwal alleged that she was moaning in pain. The police have been called repeatedly. But Atishi said that swati Maliwal is sitting absolutely fine in the video. She is threatening the security people. She is threatening Vibhav Kumar. His clothes are not torn. Only his threat is visible in the video. Atishi said that today's video has made it clear that all the allegations made by swati Maliwal are baseless.

Atishi told that Vibhav Kumar filed his complaint against swati Maliwal with delhi police on friday and in that complaint he has told about the entire incident that happened on May 13.

Atishi told that according to the complaint given by Vibhav Kumar, swati Maliwal reached the cm residence on May 13 without any appointment. When the security stopped him, he lied that he had an appointment with the Chief Minister. When cross checked they were stopped. After that, swati Maliwal threatened the policemen, "I am a rajya sabha MP. I have the right to take your job." She quarreled with the security and entered the cm residence. The security made her sit in the waiting room.

Atishi told that after coercing the security guard in the waiting room, she entered the main drawing room of the cm residence and sat there. There he told the security to call the cm now, I have to meet him now. Atishi accused swati Maliwal that she is a rajya sabha MP, doesn't she know the protocol of meeting the CM.

AAP told that it was a complete conspiracy of bjp, hence swati Maliwal was sent early in the morning to implicate the Chief Minister. swati went to Maliwal police station. When the police asked him to get MLC done, he refused. After 3 days, a new lie of bjp has now come to light.

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