Ola cab driver wanted to charge double fare, this is how the woman saved herself from fraud

Bengaluru ola driver Fare Scam: A cab driver in Bengaluru was trying to take money from a female passenger wrongly. However, due to the woman's intelligence he could not succeed in his act.

Bengaluru ola driver Fare Scam: Nowadays the era is of online payment. From money transactions to shopping, we do all our work through online mode only. In the online era, who knows when someone might get scammed? A similar case has come to light on social media, where a cab driver was trying to extort money from a female passenger.

The woman has posted on social media and told about this incident that happened to her. He wrote that I had booked a cab from JP nagar to Wilson Garden, the initial fare was showing between Rs 200-250 but when I finished my ride, the driver showed that the fare had crossed Rs 750, I was quite surprised to see this.

After this, when I talked to the driver about this, he said that you should pay me the fare and complain to the customer care regarding this. After hearing these things from the driver, I became suspicious and when I clicked on the logo of the app, I came to know that the ride was not over yet and thus the driver was scamming me.

Then later when I asked him about this deception, he immediately took his phone back and said that he had already finished the ride. I asked if I could see it again, this time he did not give me his phone, just showed me the phone. Then I immediately pressed the red 'End Trip' button built into the app and ended the ride.

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