If you are eating a lot of curd in summer, then know the right way to eat it

 otherwise it will cause harm instead of benefit.

Ayurvedic Way Of Eating Curd: The rules of eating curd have been explained in Ayurveda. If you make mistakes in eating curd, it can cause harm.

Curd in Summer: people eat and drink curd, buttermilk and lassi a lot in the summer season. Curd has a cooling effect, it helps in cooling the body. Although many rules have been mentioned regarding eating curd (How To Eat Curd), you should follow these rules. Otherwise eating curd can cause harm. Let us tell you about these ayurveda Rules for Eating Curd.

Keep these things in mind while eating curd in summer

- One should avoid consuming curd at night. Eating curd at night can cause cough problems. You should eat curd by adding rock salt, black pepper or cumin spices. You can also drink buttermilk.

People also eat fruits along with food, but if you are eating fruits then you should not eat curd. It is not good to consume fruits with curd. This may cause metabolic problems.

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- Do not eat curd even with non-veg foods like meat, fish and meat. Curd should not be cooked with meat. Cooking curd destroys its properties. Cooking curd with meat can produce toxins.

If you have problems with bleeding disorders, swelling, obesity and phlegm, then avoid consuming curd. In case of these problems, eating curd can cause harm to health.

- You can drink buttermilk instead of consuming curd daily. buttermilk or raita is also good for health and it keeps the body cool. Curd should not be consumed even after cooking.

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