There is no need to tell about the results of the 2019 elections if the tdp contests the elections without any alliance with any party. If tdp got a huge shock from ysr in 2004 elections, it got a bigger shock from jagan in 2019 elections. Despite the comments that it will be difficult for the tdp to recover in the state due to the blow of the 2019 election results, the situation of the tdp in the state has gradually improved due to different reasons.
Although the tdp leaders are saying that they will win this election and come to power, it seems that the alliance has a chance of winning in 60 to 70 seats. It is noteworthy that if there was no alliance, the tdp would have been limited to only 30 to 40 seats and if the Jana Sena had contested on its own, the votes would not have been split.
It is noteworthy that the opinions of the netizens are being expressed that the party's manifesto announced before the election was unexpectedly minus. netizens say that the alliance's promises are too much. It remains to be seen what the decisions of the party leaders are going to be if the election results are against the alliance. The alliance leaders are already suffering from being out of power for five years.
The comments show that the idea of losing power for another five years is terrifying. It remains to be seen whether june 4 will be good or bad for the alliance. Information is being received that chandrababu naidu is still a little tense about the election results. Even mature analysts say that it is impossible to say which party will come to power in AP.

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