Kyrgyzstan gave clarification regarding attack on students, this advisory issued for indian students

Kyrgyzstan Mob Attack on Students: kyrgyzstan has termed the reports of attack on Pakistani students as false. However, the indian Embassy has advised the indian students present there to stay inside.

ob Attack on Students: Amidst the news of dispute among students in kyrgyzstan, the government of india has issued an advisory for indian students on Saturday. On Saturday, the indian Embassy has advised the indian students living there to stay inside their homes. The indian Embassy in the Central Asian country has said that it is in touch with indian students, and is also alert at all times. At present the situation remains stable. However, the government of kyrgyzstan has given clarification regarding the reports of attacks on foreign students there. The kyrgyzstan government has said that no such case has happened. All these false rumors are being spread. On the other hand, the government of pakistan has also expressed concern about the attacks on its students.

What happened in kyrgyzstan after all?

In fact, there is an atmosphere of violence among students in kyrgyzstan at present. Here three students from pakistan have been murdered by many students together. This massacre has created tense situations in the entire country. On the attack on students, the pakistan Embassy said that the matter has escalated after the video of the fight between Kyrgyz and Egyptian students on May 13 went viral online on Friday. According to reports, the mob targeted hostels of the Medical university in Bishkek, which houses students from india, pakistan and Bangladesh.

So many indian students in Kyrgyzstan

Let us tell you that at present the number of indian students in kyrgyzstan is 15000. But it is still difficult to say how many of these students are in Bishkek. On the other hand, the reason for the violence that broke out among students in kyrgyzstan is not yet clear. More than 12 thousand Pakistani students are also studying here. kyrgyzstan is one of the best places in the world to study medicine.

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