'They have become blinded...', Mann's attack on BJP…

In view of the lok sabha elections, punjab chief minister bhagwant mann has once again attacked bjp fiercely. While addressing a public meeting in Kaithal, Haryana, cm Mann cornered BJP. He said that they want to take the country towards dictatorship. They are asking to give 400 seats to change the Constitution. punjab cm bhagwant mann said, "This election is not just a general election but an election to save the country." people will have to be elected through democracy who will work according to the needs of the people.

Punjab cm Bhagwant Mann's attack on BJP

Aam Aadmi party leader and punjab chief minister Mann further said, "Our country is standing at a dangerous juncture and today is the election to save it." The country is at such a crossroads that it will either go towards dictatorship or the people elected through democracy will work as per your wishes. Laws will be made as per your wishes. Either the country will come into the hands of the party that wants to abolish the Constitution, or it will come into the hands of those parties who want the country to progress.

BJP people are blind in dictatorship and ego – Bhagwant Mann

He also said, "BJP people have become blinded by dictatorship and arrogance but perhaps they do not know that this country is not the property of anyone's father." This is a country of 140 crore people. This is a fight to save democracy. This is a fight to save the Constitution. Many bjp leaders have said that if we cross 400, we will change the Constitution. punjab CN said, "They will change the Constitution written by baba Saheb Ambedkar." There will be no elections after this. Like it happens in Russia, Putin does not hold elections there. He does not allow any opposition leader to stand against him. The same work is going to happen here also. This will destroy the federal structure.

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