It is known that polling for 17 parliamentary seats was held in telangana recently. But now, even though the heat of the campaign has subsided, new tension has started among all the candidates. In the results, it will be clear on whose side the people have stood. All the candidates are tensed as to how the people have decided their fate. It is known that this parliamentary election has become very prestigious for the ruling congress party.

  Because Hastam party has won the majority seats in telangana assembly elections from the stage of disappearing. But it is determined to get a majority in the parliament elections as well. And cm Revanth reddy worked hard for this. The key leaders of the party included all the candidates and campaigned on behalf of all the candidates. With this, all the congress leaders are also expressing confidence that they will win in double digit seats.

  But if we look at the words heard in the internal politics, it is strongly heard that this time the majority in the parliamentary elections will not come to the congress which is in power but to another party. That party is not something but BJP. Because BRS, which is in the opposition, has set a target to prevent the congress from getting a majority. It does not matter if they lost, but if the congress gets a majority, they think that the pink party will face more problems. Because of this, the leaders campaigned that if there are weak candidates, it doesn't matter if they don't win, but don't let the congress win. As a result, Karu party is also on the side of Kamal and on the other hand, all the key leaders of the Center are coming to telangana and campaigning.. Strong candidates are standing on behalf of BJP.. The inside talk is that the lotus party is going to win in majority of the seats than the ruling Congress. BRS and bjp workers at the lower level are also discussing the same.

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