In Andhra Pradesh, most of the caste people cast their votes.. especially the tdp party is always dealing with caste madness.. Also reddy Samajal is also with Jagan's support. Recently, cm jagan went with a gap of two days after the polling was over because his two daughters were in London. Especially, jagan had planned to go there to relax with his family.. Due to this, even the yellow batch of TDP's social media is going viral by making various troll comments as if jagan is fleeing the country and will come back.

All this is a tall order, but they are also doing various false propaganda by saying that it is tracking the route the plane takes and where it stops. Especially lokesh from Nara family has already reached America with his family. They don't tell anyone that recently, Chandrababu went to USA with his family. Yellow media, tdp social media also kept this matter silent.

Yellow media is making noise that Chandrababu is going for a health check-up due to questions about why Chandrababu has gone.. If anyone else goes in similar circumstances, Andhra is getting worse and that is why they are trolling as if they are checking to America.. The yellow media will be fine with whatever the family members of Chandrababu's party leaders do. But jagan keeps showing what he did wrong.. jagan keeps making discussions again about Jagan's foreign trip.. but never on Chandrababu.. his son Lokesh. .

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