Raj Thackeray's wife Sharmila's big statement…

For the first time, raj Thackeray shared the stage after PM Modi in the Mahayuti rally in Mumbai's shivaji Park. The speech given by raj Thackeray in this rally has also made a lot of headlines. raj Thackeray has fiercely targeted Mahavikas Aghadi from the platform of Mahayuti. sharmila Thackeray's big statement has come out after the meeting of PM Modi and raj Thackeray. While talking to ABP Majha, sharmila thackeray has appealed to all the voters to fulfill the wish of Balasaheb. He has also said that the future of maharashtra is bright in the coming times.

Sharmila thackeray further said, "I think raj Thackeray is sure that Modi is going to become the Prime Minister. That's why he has already put forward the demands of maharashtra in front of Modi. I would request all the voters that balasaheb expressed a wish. I had said that if I go with Congress, I will close my party, so I request all the voters to fulfill the wish of balasaheb thackeray and Shiv Sena. I believe that people should A government should be brought in for the welfare of the people."

Raj thackeray gave a powerful speech at the Mahayuti rally in shivaji Park. On this occasion, he also praised prime minister Narendra Modi. Apart from this, raj Thackeray also praised the work of PM Modi and expressed confidence that Modi will come to power again. raj Thackeray thanked prime minister Narendra Modi and said, "Ram temple could be built because of you." raj Thackeray has made six big demands from prime minister Narendra Modi.

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