BJP National President Jagat Prakash on Himachal tour…

Lok Sabha elections are to be held in himachal pradesh in the seventh and last phase. Voting for all four lok sabha seats in the state is to be held on june 1. Along with elections for all four lok sabha seats in the state, by-elections are also to be held in six assembly constituencies. Since elections are near. In such a situation, star campaigners have also started coming to Himachal. The National President of bharatiya janata party has reached his home state. jagat prakash nadda will address three different public meetings in Himachal Pradesh.

First public meeting in Kangra

BJP President jagat prakash nadda will hold his first rally in Fatehpur of Kangra, the largest district of the state. This public meeting will start at 11 am. After this, his second public meeting will be held in Chamba at 1 pm. jagat prakash nadda will address his third public meeting at 3.30 pm in Kunihar area of Solan. In three public meetings, jagat prakash nadda will campaign for suresh Kashyap in Solan along with Dr. Rajiv Bhardwaj in Fatehpur and Chamba. himachal pradesh is the home state of Jagat Prakash Nadda. In such a situation, it is important for the bharatiya janata party to win the elections on all the four seats here.

Challenge to repeat the results of last two lok sabha elections

In the 2014 and 2019 lok sabha elections, the bharatiya janata party had won all four lok sabha seats. However, in the by-election held in the year 2021, bharatiya janata party had to face defeat on Mandi seat. After this, bharatiya janata party also lost in the 2022 assembly elections. bjp also lost the Municipal Corporation shimla elections of 2023. In such a situation, bharatiya janata party faces a big challenge to win the lok sabha elections. After jagat prakash nadda, home minister amit shah also has a program to hold a big public meeting in Himachal Pradesh.

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