The story of chandu becoming a champion!!!

The trailer of the film 'Chandu Champion' based on the life of India's first Paralympic gold medalist Murlikant Petkar has been released. The trailer gives a glimpse of the hard work put into making the film. From the tremendous transformation of the film's lead actor Kartik aryan to the different layers of the film's story, it shows that the film's director Kabir Khan has left no stone unturned this time too. The journey of 'Paan Singh Tomar' is somewhat similar to that seen in the trailer, but when you watch the entire trailer, you will come to know that in reality the stories of both were similar in many respects. Both of them fought their respective battles at their respective places.

Summary of the story shown in the trailer

The trailer has been prepared in such a way that the summary of the entire story of the real life hero can be seen in just 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Well, you will get to read the story of Murlikant Petkar in many different places, because it is not hidden from anyone. But the way of presenting the story or narration in this film seems to be of the same level which has been seen in Kabir Khan's other films like 83 and Sultan. This is the specialty of this trailer that those watching it will definitely watch the entire trailer without skipping.

What is the story shown in the trailer?

The trailer starts with Vijayraj's narration, in which he is seen narrating the story of Chandu. The trailer starts with the scene when Chandu, who was part of the indian Army, gets hit by 9 bullets during the war. But still Chandu's desire to live makes him escape even from death. After this, Chandu's life is shown in which his journey from childhood to joining the indian Army and taking bullets in the war to reaching the olympics is shown. The entire trailer shows Chandu's story layer by layer, but with twists and turns. Because of this, by the end of the trailer, only champion is visible instead of Chandu.

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