Voting for the 5th phase election has started... How many constituencies? 

Do you know who the star candidates are?

While the 4th phase of voting for the parliamentary elections has been completed, the 5th phase of voting has started today. In this election, rahul Gandhi, Union minister Rajnath Singh, smriti irani and others are the main candidates in the field.

5th phase election

Elections are going on across the country to choose the next prime minister of India. The election was held on april 19, 26, May 7 and april 13. Subsequently, the 5th phase of the election has started on May 20, i.e. today. Congress-BJP parties are serious about facing this election. Meanwhile, paramilitary forces have been mobilized for security to prevent any untoward incidents during the election.

Who are the star candidates?

Rahul Gandhi, Union Ministers Rajnath Singh, piyush goyal and smriti irani are the main star candidates in today's election. Also, in the election for 49 constituencies held today, 14 constituencies in Uttar Pradesh, 13 constituencies in Maharashtra, 7 constituencies in West Bengal, 5 constituencies in Bihar, 5 constituencies in Odisha, 3 constituencies in Jharkhand, 1 constituencies in Jammu and Kashmir, and a total of 49 constituencies are underway. Voting will be held from 7 am to 6 pm.

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