Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru... this is India's favorite food: google CEO Sundar Pichai 

In a recent interview, google CEO Sundar Pichai shared his favorite foods found in indian cities.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently participated in a conversation with Aeos founder varun Maya. Talking about his travels then, he has elaborated on his favorite indian food.

Sundar Pichai chose his favorite food available in three metro cities - Bengaluru, delhi and Mumbai. He said he likes eating dosa in Bengaluru, chola puri in delhi and pav bhaji in Mumbai.

“I love to eat dosa when I'm in Bangalore. For delhi, chola puri. If it was Mumbai, I would eat pav bhaji,” said Sundar Pichai.

Talking about the competition between Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and google, known as FAANG, Sundar Pichai said, "I think real success comes from a deep understanding of everything."

Sundar Pichai continued to talk about the secret of success and said that true success comes with deep understanding. To illustrate this, he cited the motorcycle scene in Aamir Khan's '3 Idiots' as an example.

“There's a scene in 3 idiots where aamir khan is asked what a motor is, you know... in which he describes what a motor is. "What a motor is really depends on how you perceive it," he explained.

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