Scary summer rain! What to do when there is thunder and lightning?

Thunder and lightning precautions: When it rains in summer, there will be terrible thunder and lightning. The india Meteorological Department has issued guidelines on how the public can protect themselves.

thunder lightning protection device

If you hear the sound of thunder while you are outside, or if you see a lightning strike, you should go indoors immediately. Avoid going out of the house. The door and windows of the house should be closed immediately.

thunder and lightning precautions

Children should not be allowed outside for play or other reasons. The keepers of livestock such as goats and cows should keep them in a safe place.


Turn off the tv and disconnect the power supply as soon as you hear the thunder. Charging of electrical devices like mobiles should also be avoided.

Summer rain thunder and lightning

Do not stay under metal roof during thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms are likely to strike trees directly and start fires. Therefore, standing under trees should also be strictly avoided.

lightning effect precautions

If lightning strikes while riding a bike, immediately move to a nearby safe place. The thunder may stop and tear away for a while.

thunder storm precautions

Similarly, if you are bathing in water bodies or boating, you should immediately return to the shore. A lightning strike on water bodies can cause a major disaster.

Thunder precautions

Avoid staying in low-lying areas if there is thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Immediately go to the nearest plateau. Avoid taking bath while listening to loud thunder. In particular, never take a shower.

Lightning precautions

It should not be in flammable places like kitchen. If a person is struck by thunder and lightning, provide first aid and take him to the nearest hospital immediately.

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