Politically, most of the tdp party support chandrababu naidu lokesh while the other half are supporting junior NTR.. This matter has been revealed many times. In the past, there was a lot of criticism that the tdp party had alienated Jr. NTR.. Moreover, many times.. lokesh used to face comments about Jr. ntr even when he was seen in public. On the occasion of Jr. NTR's birthday, lokesh shared a post yesterday.

Especially when the tdp party is faced with a complicated situation, at that time lokesh has been taking those responsibilities from time to time. The yuva Galam Padayatra was also started to attract the students and youth, which the telugu desam party had abandoned for a long time. The fans of telugu Desam here have as much love for the party as they do for junior NTR. The heroic party workers are Chandrababu's god.. Those who think all others are waste can blame and slander Jr. NTR. But Telugudesam sympathizers do not want to alienate Jr. NTR.

Based on such people's mind, lokesh played a responsible role. junior ntr also responded immediately on this matter. Thank you so much for your wishes, he replied. It can also be said that this is Lokesh's responsible post. lokesh said that it is important to ensure that the whole family gets along no matter what anyone talks about. Judging by this, the news is also hearing that lokesh has changed a lot now than before. It remains to be seen whether this change will help lokesh to grow politically.

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