In andhra pradesh this time, the congress party started believing that YS sharmila will take over the reins of the congress party and the votes will be split. Now once again she is contesting from tirupati Lok Sabha seat. All the people have already forgotten congress party. Recently, a great joke has been made.

If we go to the actual matter, he informed that Nara chandrababu naidu will come to power in andhra pradesh with a huge victory. And everyone can have doubts about how the joke made by Chintamohan will be. Especially what he said is that due to alliance with bjp party, seats will decrease for TDP.

Chintamohan informed that by joining hands with Modi, seats may decrease but power will definitely come. But the twist here is that it is ironic to say that only Chandrababu will win without saying that his party will win. Looking at this, the congress party is supporting the tdp and it is now being heard that chandrababu naidu is part of Sharmila's conspiracy to steal Sharmila's votes in the name of YS. There are also reports that chandrababu naidu has given huge funding to all the congress leaders.

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