CM Nayab Singh Saini's target!!!

Haryana chief minister Nayab Singh saini has once again targeted former cm Bhupendra Singh Hooda. He said that Bhupendra Hooda starts lying after waking up in the morning and continues lying till he goes to bed. In the last elections, he and his party had lost 10 out of 10 seats. This time only the lotus flower will win 10 out of 10 seats. His party will be wiped clean. We are getting tremendous support and people will vote for the strength of Modi.

While addressing the public meeting in Ambala, cm Nayab Singh saini said that before 2014, corruption was rampant in Haryana. haryana was infamous in the entire country for slippage and expenditure and bidding for jobs. No job was available without money and recommendation, so the children were lagging behind. Due to the transparent policies of the Manohar government, the youth of haryana are getting jobs on the basis of merit today. We are proud that our government has won the trust of the poor and the youth through its transparency.

The chief minister further said that today there is an atmosphere of amazing support for the bjp government everywhere. The people of haryana will also offer 11 lotus flowers to hand over the reins of the country to PM Modi for the third time.

‘Congress wave in entire Haryana’

Whereas former cm Bhupendra Singh Hooda while talking to the media in Palwal, I have held public meetings across Haryana. According to the public, we are getting the support of thirty-six communities. On that basis, I can say that there is a wave in favor of congress and when there is a wave in favor of any party, it is a clean sweep. people have decided that congress will form the next government. This current government is still in minority.

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