Special initiative for lok sabha elections in Haryana…

Just as invitation cards are given to invite relatives and acquaintances in marriages, similarly invitation cards are being given to people to vote in the lok sabha elections. As per the instructions of the election commission of india and haryana, voter slips and invitation cards are being given door-to-door by BLOs to vote in the lok sabha elections in the district on 25th May. In this regard, instructions have been issued to the assistant returning officers of all the assemblies.

Have prepared well decorated invitation card

According to district Election Officer Nishant Kumar Yadav, a unique initiative has been taken by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, haryana for the festival of lok sabha elections 2024 - pride of the country. A beautifully decorated invitation card has been prepared to attract voters towards voting. In which all the formalities are written like an invitation to any normal celebration.

Must come to vote

Attached to this invitation letter is - We are sending invitation to you, voters, don't forget to come and cast your vote on 25th. He said that the invitation letter has been prepared in a very creative manner, which is attracting the attention of the voters. Inspired by the design of a wedding card, it is written on the card that you must come to vote in our lok sabha elections.

There are five stages of voting

The district Election Officer said that the entire procedure on how to vote has been mentioned on the back side of the invitation letter. There are five stages in the voting process. First you have to stand in line to vote. After that the polling officer will take information about the voter's name and his identity document in the voting list. In the third phase the polling officer will apply blue ink on the finger. In the fourth step, the polling officer will take the slip and confirm that there is ink on the finger. After that the voter will go to the EVM and vote for his favorite candidate. The district Election Officer has appealed to the voters to vote on 25th May.

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