As part of the andhra pradesh elections, they contested as an alliance (TDP, Janasena, bjp party).. Especially the ruling party, YCP, also wrote extreme strategies to face it. The alliance was very careful especially in the matter of the manifesto. The free bus scheme for women was also implemented after the congress government came to power in the karnataka elections. Although this was the root cause of power in the karnataka region, it seems to be facing a lot of difficulties at present.

The news is that auto people are being made jobless.. The income of the karnataka government has also fallen. After that the congress party introduced the same thing in telangana also. Now that the lok sabha elections have been held, the congress is also looking to introduce the same scheme in other states where it is contesting. Now this scheme has been announced in the manifesto of telugu Desam Janasena. He said that if the alliance comes to power, they will implement the free bus travel scheme for women in Andhra.

But already prime minister Modi has not shown passion for such schemes. He also got angry at the states that are implementing such schemes. He also said that doing this will not lead to development. He also said that it costs a few crores of rupees for the maintenance of buses once every five years. He also questioned how those expenses will be borne. The prime minister has no right to change the manifesto of the parties. So now the news is that there is no chance of giving free schemes in the alliance.. And if the results in andhra pradesh come in support of the alliance, we have to see what will happen.

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