Sachin Pilot's attack on the Center!!!

Verbal attacks are continuing between the party and opposition parties regarding the lok sabha elections. All the parties are busy claiming their victory. Meanwhile, former deputy cm of rajasthan and congress leader sachin pilot has expressed confidence of the victory of india Alliance on the basis of his experiences. He has claimed that there is anger among the people against the central government.

According to news agency ANI, former deputy cm of rajasthan and congress leader sachin pilot said, "There is a murmur of change in the entire country. There is anger among the people against the central government of 10 years. people everywhere want change. Especially the youth want change.

What did sachin pilot say about the attack on Kanhaiya Kumar?

Sachin Pilot also answered the question asked on the issue of ink being thrown on Kanhaiya Kumar, congress candidate from North east Delhi. He said, "There is no place for violence in politics, in a civilized society, you may be opposed, you may disagree with you but the use of violence is wrong. I condemn it in the strongest terms. elections fought on issues.

Sachin Pilot's attack on the Center

Voting for 25 lok sabha seats in rajasthan has been completed in two phases on 19 and 26 April. people are waiting for the results to be declared on june 4. At the same time, congress leader sachin pilot is busy campaigning in those states where voting is yet to take place. During the election campaign in haryana on sunday (May 19), sachin pilot cornered the central government on many issues including inflation, unemployment. He said that the bjp government which has been in power at the Center for the last 10 years has proved to be a failure on every front. He said that no efforts have been made to remove inflation and unemployment. Appealing to the public, he said that it is important to understand the value of vote.

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