OPS again in AIADMK! What is going on behind the scenes? What is the result of EPS? 

RB Udayakumar sensational explanation

O. Panneer Selvam will reject the decision at the time when the important decision has to be taken in the AIADMK. Or keep silent. RB Udayakumar has said that the development activities of the party have been lagging behind in an unprecedented manner.

OPS again

Former AIADMK minister AB Udayakumar met the media in madurai today to respond to the news about O. Panneer Selva's re-joining in AIADMK. Speaking at that time, he said that after the announcement of the results of this parliamentary election, he plans to include O Panneerselvam in the AIADMK again.

There are continuous reports of secretive efforts going on behind the scenes. He has been publishing various information in newspapers and media for the sensation of the press without any basic source of this information.

Pillaiyar Suhi Pota is the OPS

Also, AIADMK senior cadres have been creating a dissident coalition in the place of the election and they have continued to release news even after the relevant people have denied it.

 After the demise of his mother (Jayalalitha) O. Panneer Selvam was the first to turn Pilliyar for the division when there was a situation that he was going to lose his position.

Reunited for party unity

He voted against the AIADMK when a motion of confidence was moved in the assembly to save the government he had given his life for. After that, even though he voted against the party, considering the importance of unity of the party, he was reinstated in the party and he was given the position of General Secretary, the highest responsibility in the party.

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