Iran President Ibrahim Raisi Death: What Happens Next? Who is the new president?

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi dies in helicopter crash What happens next in the country if the incumbent president dies?

A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign minister Usain and senior officials of the country has crashed. In this, everyone including Ibrahim Raisi died miserably. Many people are wondering what will happen next in the country if the incumbent president dies. You can find out what the constitution of iran says about this.

** According to Article 131 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of iran, if a president dies while in office, the first vice president (there are 12 vice presidents in Iran) is elected. However, approval must be obtained from the supreme leader of Iran.

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** The irst vice president will be the interim president until a new president is elected.

** The Council consisting of the First Vice President, the Speaker of the parliament and the Head of the Judiciary must hold an election for a new President within a maximum of 50 days.

** As of now, Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Mukhbar is eligible to temporarily take over the post of the deceased President Ibrahim Raisi. He will be sworn in as Iran's interim president.

Earlier, Ibrahim Raisi was elected as the President of iran in 2021. He was elected as the President of iran in his second election after losing the election in 2017 before that. According to the current schedule, Iran's presidential election is scheduled for 2025. But since Ibrahim Raisi has died, the presidential election should be held before that. That is, a new president should be chosen by July 10, 2024.

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