3 whales washed ashore in Ramanathapuram; Officials act quickly

3 whales that suddenly washed ashore in Ramanathapuram were sent back to the deep sea due to the quick efforts of the authorities. 3 whales washed ashore in Ramanathapuram; Officials act quickly

Naribaiyur fishing village is near Sayalkudi in Ramanathapuram district. It is known as the coastal area in the southern part of the district in Katakodi. In these Naripaiyur coastal areas, sometimes rare species wash ashore and cause a stir. In this situation, a whale has washed ashore in Naripaiyur beach area.

After this, based on the information provided by the fishermen, the officers from the Tuticorin Wildlife Department found the whale. After this, even if the whale was released back into the sea, the whale did not go into the sea, but came to the shore. It was going round and round on the shore. Then in the same beach area, 2 more whales were spotted roaming around.

After this, anti-poaching guard Selvam swam into the sea and guided the whale. The three whales, along with the other 2 whales, went deep into the sea as the whaler followed. However, it is reported that the authorities are actively monitoring whether the whales are coming back to the coastal area.

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