Problems and Riots arose in the alliance..!?

Interesting developments are taking place in bjp in Andhra Pradesh. Many of those who were recognized as senior leaders in the bjp party were active in the past and are participating in various programs in the bjp and strengthening the party. But now it seems that all such leaders are sidelined in Andhra Pradesh. There are reports that many senior leaders are unhappy with the alliance. However, it is reported that the leadership did not count all these and the leaders could not work with tdp to support it and participated in the election campaign during the election. It seems that the bjp leadership has been inquiring about their affairs since then. It is now becoming a topic of discussion in the party as many leaders who have been in bjp since the beginning and have RSS ideology have remained silent. It seems that during the recently held assembly and lok sabha elections, he participated in the campaign program somewhat willingly.

Especially in andhra pradesh, it seems that the main reason for the agitation of bjp leaders is their alliance with TDP. Especially the affairs of Somu Veerraju, Vishnuvardhan reddy, and narasimha Rao, who are senior leaders in the party, are now becoming a very hot topic in BJP. Somaveerraju, who belongs to the rajahmundry region, should contest from some other seat from there. But andhra pradesh bjp president Purandeshwari contested from Rajahmundry. This made him silent. Another leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy's situation was also seen in the kadiri constituency. Similarly, Vishnuvardhan reddy wanted to contest from Hindupuram seat in the elections held yesterday but he also became silent as he did not get a ticket. GVL narasimha Rao, who wanted to contest from Visakhapatnam, also remained silent about the election. Especially in Andhra, the BJP party lacks this kind of craziness. The combination of tdp, bjp, and Jana Sena party was not liked by many leaders due to which many problems and riots arose in the alliance. And the reason for their silence needs to be known.

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