That key leader settled abroad after the result..?


We know that assembly and parliament elections were held on a large scale in the state of Andhra Pradesh on 13th May. The heat of the elections in Andhra state has been going on for many days before these elections. And as the elections will be completed on May 13th, there will be a similar atmosphere again one or two days before the results. The people of Andhra thought that the days in between would be very peaceful. But even now there are many hot developments. On election Day, there were large-scale clashes in some areas. With that, many new developments were also formed in Andhra state. After the elections, jagan went abroad with his family. Another problem has arisen in Andhra state. jagan fled abroad.

Campaigns were started that he would not return. Also, news came to the fore as Jagan's special flight landed four hours late and he met someone. And Chandrababu also went abroad. Some people are giving different opinions on it. Such hit conditions are present in Andhra state. Recently, another topic has come to the fore. Some people are saying that Vallabheni vamsi has applied for an American green card through the EB 5 system, that he will go to dallas in America after the election, and that he has applied for permanent membership in America through the EB 5 system from Texas. After the election, there is more news about the leaders who are going to go abroad in Andhra Pradesh.

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