tdp failed in terms of the rural voters..!?

Even in united andhra pradesh, tdp still has many fans. Since its inception, the tdp party has brought many developmental works. After the death of the senior NTR, Chandrababu became the full boss of TDP. TDP came to power many times during his tenure as well. When Rajasekhar reddy died, an opposition party to tdp was formed in AP. Rajasekhar Reddy's son jagan has been trying to push tdp back little by little by starting a new party named YCP. In 2019, he won power with a huge majority defeating the TDP completely. Moreoverit can be said that he has brought many development programs and has remained in the minds of the people forever. 

It seems that the telugu desam party has completely failed in this election. There is an allegation that no matter how many free schemes are announced, people do not believe. Jagan is openly saying that we will definitely win in these elections.  But Chandrababu is unable to say this anywhereMoreover, it seems that this time the rural voters have dealt a heavy blow to TDP. Political analysts say that Chandrababu, who thought that there would be more vote sharing with the janasena and bjp alliance, must get a shock. Barrelakka contested in Telangana's Kolhapur constituency if cut. At the same time, Barrelakka gained a huge following. Many supported her. He also said that Barrelakka would win. In the end, she got only 5000 votesIn this way, Barrelakka has been highlighted in the social media itself but has been lagging in terms of getting votes.

Similarly, Chandrababu has been highlighted on social media in AP too, but it seems that he has supported jagan in getting people's votesWhile Jagan is implementing all the schemes, Chandrababu is making the state indebted. He commented that we are going to be in trouble. Currently, Chandrababu and jagan have given more than promises. If Chandrababu comes to power, people are also thinking how they will be fulfilled. It seems that when the schemes brought by Jagan are not fulfilled, they think about how these schemes will be implemented and again they have spoken to Jagan. Besides, all the rural votes went towards JaganIt seems that the unemployed, employees and the upper middle class voted for TDP. It seems that middle-class poor people, people living in slums, and old people all voted for YSP. That is why Jagan strongly said that he would win more than 151 assembly seats and 22 parliamentary seatsWe have to wait till june 4 to find out who's fate at this point.

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