kangana Ranaut's social media post about the scenic beauty of the Pangi Valley has indeed sparked a political row, particularly due to her geographical inaccuracies and the subsequent response from the congress Himachal unit.

Her description of Pangi Valley being located on the borders of Chamba, kashmir, and Spiti is factually incorrect, as Pangi Valley is situated in the Chamba district of himachal pradesh and not near kashmir or Spiti. This inaccuracy has drawn criticism and mockery from political opponents, with the congress Himachal unit taking a dig at her lack of knowledge about the region.

The congress unit's response, poking fun at kangana Ranaut's understanding of geography and referencing her previous statement about india gaining independence after 2014, highlights the political polarization and rivalry surrounding her candidacy for the 2024 lok sabha elections.

Overall, this incident underscores the scrutiny and criticism that political figures, especially celebrities-turned-politicians like kangana ranaut, face for their statements and actions, particularly on social media platforms. It also reflects the competitive nature of indian politics, where opponents seize on opportunities to discredit their rivals, even over seemingly trivial matters.

Such statements, especially from a political candidate, can be seen as misleading or misrepresentative, potentially stirring up confusion among the public regarding the geography of the region. Additionally, the use of social media by political figures to promote themselves or their agenda often attracts scrutiny and criticism, especially when factual accuracy is called into question.

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