Shashi Tharoor's analysis of the BJP's target of winning 400 seats in the 2024 lok sabha elections revolves around several factors. He suggests that the BJP's previous electoral success in 2019 was influenced by specific circumstances, such as the Pulwama tragedy and the subsequent Balakot response, which shifted the focus of the election from economic issues to national security. Tharoor implies that these factors played a significant role in maximizing BJP's seat count in certain states.

However, he views the BJP's target of 400 seats in the upcoming elections as unrealistic or "complete fantasy." Tharoor believes that the 2019 election dynamics, particularly the emphasis on national security, may not necessarily be replicated in 2024. Therefore, he expresses confidence in the opposition's ability to perform better in the upcoming elections compared to 2019.

Tharoor's assessment suggests that he perceives the BJP's electoral strategy as overly ambitious and disconnected from the potential realities of the 2024 political landscape. He seems to be emphasizing the need for a more nuanced understanding of the electorate's priorities and the evolving political context.

Tharoor dismisses the BJP's target of winning 400 seats as unrealistic or "complete fantasy." This suggests a skepticism towards the feasibility of the bjp achieving such a monumental electoral victory and implies a belief that the BJP's electoral strategy may be overly ambitious or disconnected from the ground realities.

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