10 lakhs insurance for just 45 paisa.. indian Railways gave good news to train passengers..

Indian Railways is giving Rs.10 lakh insurance to railway passengers for just 45 paise. Know the details about this insurance in detail.

Railway Travel Insurance

Indian passengers travel by train for long distance travel. Many railway stations in the country are crowded during the day. Long distance trains are overcrowded. indian Railways has done a great job. New trains are coming now.

Railway Insurance

A new railway line is about to start. The number of train accidents in the country is also seen. There have been several train accidents in the country in the last two years. On 19 May 2024, an iron pillar fell on the Shalimar Express. Three devotees were injured. Insurance is also provided for railway passengers.

Travel Insurance

10 lakh insurance is offered at just 45 paise. indian Railways provides Railway Travel Insurance to passengers. Those passengers will get insurance benefit. Those who opt for insurance at the time of ticket booking. Many travelers are not aware of this insurance.


This insurance must be purchased at the time of ticket purchase. Only then will the passengers benefit. Passengers have to pay only 45 paise for this insurance. Railway Travel Insurance Railway travel insurance is available to passengers who book tickets online.


If a passenger books the ticket offline i.e. through the ticket window, he will not get the insurance benefit. Whether to take insurance or not is entirely the passenger's choice. The passenger can refuse the insurance if he wishes. Railway Insurance Premium 45 paise.

Railway Passengers

Passengers traveling in ordinary coaches or coaches are not covered under the insurance. The amount of compensation is fixed under Sections 124, 124 A of the Railway Act, 1989. A compensation of Rs 5 lakh is given in case of death in a train accident, Rs 2.5 lakh in case of serious injury and Rs 50 thousand in case of minor injury.

Ordinary Coaches

Rs 1.5 lakh in case of death due to any reason, Rs 50 thousand in case of serious injury and Rs 5 thousand in case of minor injury.

Insurance coverage is also provided in case of accident. Passengers can select this option while booking tickets online. If he dies in an accident, the heir will get Rs 10 lakh.


Totally disabled person Rs. 10 lakhs insured. In case of partial disability due to an accident, Rs 7.5 lakh will be provided as insurance to the individual. Two lakh rupees will be given if injured and treated in hospital.

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