Dharma Raju's record as the first mla in Jana Sena..!?

- The victory of janasena Dharmaraju in Ungutur is sure..!

- The only king in the ring from janasena ..!

-Having a clean image also suits dharma Raju well.

It is known that in this election in Andhra Pradesh, the Janasena party is contesting in total of 21 seats in alliance with telugu Desam and BJP. Jana Sena will contest 21 assembly and two parliament seats. But, remarkably, most of them belong to the Kapu social class. kakinada and machilipatnam MP candidates uday srinivas and Vallabhaneni Balashauri are kapu leaders who are contesting from Janasena. Also, there are many Kapu leaders like Panchakarla Ramesh Babu - Sundarapu Vijay Kumar - Pawan Kalyan - Battula Balaramakrishna - Pantham Nanaji - kandula durgesh - Bolishetti srinivas - Pulaparthi Anjibabu - mandali buddha prasad in the assembly seats contested by Janasena. Jana Sena will contest in both the st and sc constituencies.

If this is the case, among the leaders contesting from the janasena, there is only one leader from the kshatriya community. Patsamatla Dharmaraju is contesting for assembly from Unguthur. In the 2019 elections itself, Dharmaraju tried to contest the assembly from Ungutur. As part of the alliance this time, pawan kalyan was allotted the Unguthur ticket as he was the only leader from the kshatriya community who was somewhat active from the Janasena. As he is the only kshatriya leader from Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan's fans, Kapu leaders who are strong in the Unguthur constituency along with the leaders of the kshatriya community within the constituency strongly supported him.

Dharmaraj also jumped in the campaign. In addition to this, having a clean image also suits dharma Raju well. Former tdp mla eluru District telugu desam party President Ganni Veeranjaneyu, who was hoping for a Unguthuru ticket, also strongly supported Dharmaraju. In this order, the victory of Dharmaraju in the election will be a walk on Nalleru. As the janasena + telugu desam party combination was super successful in the Godavari district, the effect was also strongly felt in Ungutur where the Kapu social class is strong. There are also many janasena fans here. With strong support from the tdp cadre, it seems certain that Dharmaraju will write his name in the records as the first kshatriya leader to enter the Assembly from the Janasena.

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