Maharashtra News: 5 people including 4 minors drown in Bhawali Dam

6 missing after boat capsizes in Ujani Dam, rescue going on for 12 hours

Maharashtra News: An accident occurred while having a picnic in Bhawali Dam. NDRF and SDRF teams are carrying out the rescue operation in Ujani Dam.

Rescue teams engaged in search of missing people due to boat sinking in Ujani Dam. (Photo-ANI)

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Maharashtra News: There has been a stir in maharashtra due to accidents caused by dams at two different places in the same day. Five people, including two girls, have died due to drowning while having a picnic at Bhawali Dam in Nashik district. The dead include 4 minors. On the other hand, six people have gone missing due to boat sinking in Pune's Ujani Dam. Both the accidents happened on Tuesday. Rescue operation is going on at Ujani Dam, but even after about 12 hours the divers have not received any news. In such a situation, chances of anyone's survival seem slim.

Five people drowned while trying to save two people from drowning

According to Nashik police, the accident occurred at Bhavali Dam on tuesday afternoon. Five youths had gone for a picnic at the dam in Igatpuri tehsil area. At around 4 pm, two youths entered the dam water to take a bath. Due to the depth of the water, both of them started drowning. To save their friends from drowning, the remaining three also jumped into the water, but they also drowned. The people present on the spot immediately informed Nashik police about this. The police team reached the spot and started the rescue operation with the help of local villagers.

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declared dead in hospital

During the rescue operation, the police rescued five people who drowned in the dam. He was immediately brought to Igatpuri Rural Hospital, but he was declared dead there. All five youths were from Gosavi Wadi area of Nashik. They have been identified as Iqra Dildar Khan (14), Nazia imran khan (15), Misbah Dildar Khan (16), Anas Khan Dildar Khan (17) and Hanif ahmed Shaikh (24).

Accident happened near Kailashi village in Ujani Dam

The second accident took place at Ujani Dam in pune district. According to pune police, a boat suddenly sank in the waters of the dam in front of Kailashi village near Indapur tehsil on tuesday evening. There were 6 people in the boat. Immediately information about this incident was given to pune Rural police, after which the rescue operation was started. Teams of NDRF, SDRF, local administration and police are conducting rescue and search operations on the spot, but no news has been received even after 12 hours.

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