Heat Wave: Take these precautions to avoid heat wave in extreme heat, these people need special care

Heat Wave red Alert: There is severe heat in many other parts of the country including Delhi. In such a situation, it is very important to take special care of yourself. Let us know how to take care of health amid hot winds...

People have become distressed due to the scorching heat in many other states of the country including delhi, which is why a red alert of Heat Wave has also been issued in delhi for the next 5 days. There is no sign of relief from this scorching heat for the next one week. According to health experts, in this scorching heat (Heat Wave red Alert), it is very important to take special care of health and keep some things in mind. Because due to this you can become vulnerable to many serious diseases...

Meteorological Department issued red alert in Delhi

In view of the scorching heat in delhi, the weather department has issued a red alert of heat wave in Delhi-NCR. Let us tell you that IMD has predicted heat wave in many parts of Delhi.   Not only this, the department has also predicted partly cloudy sky and strong winds at a speed of 25 to 35 km per hour. In such a situation, people should take necessary precautions to avoid harm caused by this.

Children and elderly need more care

During this time, there is a need to take utmost care, especially of small children and the elderly, people suffering from chronic diseases or weak people. Issuing an alert, the department said that people of all ages are very likely to be affected by heat illness and heat stroke. In such a situation, avoid exposure to heat and avoid dehydration.

- Try not to go out in the heat.

- While going out, cover your mouth with a cotton cloth or scarf.

Also, if you are going out, carry an umbrella.

Apart from this, do not drink cold water or cold beverages from the fridge immediately after coming out from the sun.

- Drink water, lassi, buttermilk, shikanji, coconut water and ORS to keep yourself hydrated.

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