It sounds like nagababu is optimistic about the alliance's chances in the upcoming elections, attributing their potential success to Pawan Kalyan's strategy, Chandrababu's experience, and BJP's support. He mentions that the coalition government will likely be formed after june 4 and expresses confidence in the alliance's ability to secure victory. nagababu also highlights the careful selection of candidates by Jana Sena based on IVRESS and public opinion polls, indicating a strategic approach to fielding candidates.
However, while Nagababu's predictions are optimistic, it's important to wait for the actual election results to see if they materialize. Winning 21 seats would indeed be a significant achievement and could potentially make history. Until the results are announced on june 4, it remains to be seen how things will unfold.

It seems there was criticism regarding the allotment of 21 seats to Jana Sena within the TDP-BJP-Jana Sena alliance. pawan kalyan addressed this criticism by emphasizing that the focus should not solely be on the number of seats allotted but rather on achieving a high success rate. He set a target of a 98 percent strike rate, indicating a strong desire for victory regardless of the number of seats contested.

Nagababu, however, appears even more optimistic, stating that their information suggests a 100 percent strike rate is achievable, indicating confidence in their ability to win all the seats they are contesting. This level of optimism suggests a high level of confidence within the alliance regarding their electoral prospects.

Ultimately, the success of the alliance will be determined by the actual election results, but it's clear that both pawan kalyan and nagababu are aiming for a significant victory regardless of the initial criticism or target numbers.

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