Sanjay Leela Bhansali breaks his silence on the criticism Heeramandi is receiving, says in clarification 

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has broken his silence on the negative discussions going on regarding the web series Heeramandi. He has explained to the audience from what perspective they should watch the series.

Filmmaker sanjay leela bhansali, famous for grand film sets, luxurious outfits of characters and shocking stories, has made a lot of headlines through his first web series. Bhansali has given his all in his OTT debut 'Heeramandi' and this hard work was visible on the screen as well. However, this series had to face as much criticism as it got praises. Bhansali also had to listen to a lot for this series based on the life of courtesans. Bhansali has now broken his silence regarding these criticisms.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series 'Hiramandi' has become successful but it is facing criticism on many things. It is also alleged that many facts of history have been wrongly stated in Bhansali's series. It was said in many reviews that in order to show glamor in the series, the story remained dull. Talking to bollywood Hungama on this entire matter, the film maker has said that 'I have not only shown the glamor part in the series but have also shown the story of the struggles of the courtesans. Some of these are hearsay and many are taken from historical characters.

Bhansali said that 'Hiramandi should not be seen in such a way that it shows a glimpse of history. It is just inspired by history, it has the imprint of Lahore. I am not able to understand how people can consider this as realistic because I have neither seen that period nor lived it. How can I do this clearly on the screen? He said that 'a film is made so that it can give an experience to the audience. This is the fun of film making. Whatever I understand, I can show it on screen.


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