Voting in the fifth phase was more than in 2019, maharashtra also made a record

Lok Sabha elections 2024 Phase 5 Voting: The election commission has released the voting figures for the fifth phase of lok sabha elections held on May 20.

Lok Sabha elections 2024: The election commission of india has released the final figures of voting for the fifth phase of lok sabha elections. In the voting held on May 20, 62.19% voters had cast their votes. If seen phase wise, it is about 1.97% less than the fifth phase of the year 2019, but if we take stock of the voting held in the year 2019 on the seats of this phase, then this time more voting has been recorded. The most unique data has come out regarding maharashtra, which was considered the laggard in terms of voting in this phase. Despite being a laggard, maharashtra has recorded its third highest vote percentage in the lok sabha elections.

According to the data released by ECI, in the 5th phase, voting took place for 49 seats in 8 states and two union territories, on which 62.19% voting was recorded. In the year 2019, 61.82% voting took place on these seats. If we look at it from the perspective of the 5th phase, in the year 2019, 64.16% votes were cast on 51 seats in 7 states in the 5th phase. With the completion of the 5th phase of elections, voting has taken place on 428 seats in 25 states and union territories. Now voting on 115 seats will be held in the next two phases i.e. on 25th May and 1st June.

Highest voting in 40 years in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is considered to be the biggest laggard in terms of voting in lok sabha elections 2024, but despite being a laggard, the people of maharashtra have made a record this time. The state has recorded 61.3% voting during the 5 phases so far, which is the highest turnout in maharashtra in any lok sabha election in the last 40 years. This is also the third best performance of the state in all the lok sabha elections held till date. Earlier in the year 1984, in the elections held after the assassination of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi, there was a record 61.75% voting, whereas in 1967, maharashtra had recorded the highest turnout of 64.8% till date.

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