'I have always been an RSS member,' is what the calcutta high court judge said on retirement

Justice Chitta Ranjan Das of calcutta high court gave a statement regarding RSS on his retirement. Due to which everyone was surprised.

Calcutta high court Judge Chittaranjan Das retired on monday 20 May. During this time, he gave such a statement in his farewell ceremony, which is being discussed a lot. A farewell ceremony was also organized for him in the high court in the presence of judges and members of the bar. During this, Chittaranjan Das said that he was a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Not only this, he further said that now he is ready to work for the Sangh. If RSS gives him any responsibility then he will fulfill it with complete honesty and devotion.

According to PTI, calcutta high court Judge Chitta Ranjan Das, who came on transfer from orissa high court to calcutta high court, retired from here on Monday. All the judges and bar members of the high court were also present during his farewell ceremony. During this he said, 'Even though some people may not like it, I have to admit here that I was a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and am still a member. They have learned to be courageous, honest and have an equal attitude towards others as well as a sense of patriotism and commitment to work.

Distance created due to work - said retired judge

Chittaranjan Das said that because of his work he kept distance from the organization for about 37 years. I have never used membership of the organization to advance my career as it is against its principles. Along with this, he said that if RSS calls him for any help or any work that he can do, then he is ready to go back to the organization. Chittaranjan Das said that he treated all people equally, be it a rich person, a communist, or from BJP, congress or Trinamool Congress.

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