How can you praise rahul Gandhi? AIADMK leadership dosed Sellur Raju?


Congress MP Former minister Sellur Raju praised rahul Gandhi on his social media page yesterday, but today he deleted the post.

AIADMK former minister and legislator Sellur K. Raju congress MP. He had praised rahul Gandhi on his social networking site. In that post, he praised rahul Gandhi as the young leader I was amazed to see. At present there is no direct or indirect alliance between congress and AIADMK. On the contrary, the congress has formed an alliance with the AIADMK's enemy, the DMK, and won the elections. In this case, congress M.P. Sellur Raju's sudden praise about it is a talking point.

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Congress leader Selvaperunthagai, M.P. for the entry of Sellur Raju. Manickam Tagore and others welcomed. However, this post has created a stir within the AIADMK. When journalists contacted him and asked about this. By chance I saw a video. In it, rahul Gandhi, the son of the former Prime minister, simply went to a restaurant and had food, which impressed me the most. Based on that, I had posted the video on my social media page and said that there was no other intention.

However, this post is said to have created tension among senior AIADMK leaders. Accordingly, it is said that the senior colleagues of the AIADMK, who contacted Sellur Raju through madurai district AIADMK senior leaders, condemned that it is not appropriate to praise the leader of a party that is not part of our alliance. Following this, Sellur Raju has deleted the post from his social media page. This is said to be due to pressure from senior AIADMK leaders.

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