No social media for children under 16..!?

Needless to say, children of this generation have an affinity for phones and their social media habits. It must be said that the relationship with the mobile phone is on a different level from children who go to school to eat rice. In this context, the words that there is a limit to addiction! In this order, if children under 16 years of age decide to stay away from social media... people of that age may not like that idea, and the platform companies may not like it, but there is no doubt that there will be many people who appreciate this. Currently, australia is doing this huge thinking!

Yes... It is known that the demand to keep children away from social media till the age of sixteen is gaining momentum recently. In this order, australia is taking steps in that direction. As a part of this... it is thinking of banning children below 16 years of age from viewing social media. There is a requirement to be at least 13 years old to join social media sites like Facebook! But the comments are loud and clear that it's not a big deal to cross it! With this, they want to make a law to ban it all at once. It was supported by prime minister Anthony Albanese along with several states in Australia.

Responding to this occasion, Anthony says that due to excessive use of social media, kids' mental health is damaged. He thinks that children under that age should be made to play in the fields instead of online. With this, they say that this decision is going to be implemented soon. While Steve Jobs, who introduced the iphone to the world, kept his children away from cell phones until they were teenagers, it is known that the head of Microsoft, Bill Gates, also said that he protected his children from gadgets!

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