Sachin Pilot's big claim before voting in Punjab...

ormer deputy chief minister of rajasthan sachin pilot has targeted bjp while talking to the media in Patiala. He said that people like the manifesto of the congress Party. An atmosphere of change has been created in the entire country. All the candidates of congress Party are leading, we will win the elections not only in ludhiana but in entire Punjab. When sachin pilot was asked about prime minister Narendra Modi's election rally in Patiala, he said that farmers, youth and middle class are all against BJP. The central government has been purely anti-farmer, the farmers are angry with them and will give their verdict through the ballot box.

‘BJP betrayed’

Sachin Pilot addressed a public meeting in ludhiana in favor of punjab congress President and lok sabha candidate amarinder singh Raja Wadding. During this, he said that in the last 10 years, bjp has betrayed the common people and insulted the mandate. Now the public has again decided that the ego of the central government has to be answered. Every person is connecting with the guarantee of justice. Joining hands with Congress. He said that this election will decide the fate of this country.

‘BJP waived off bank loans of a few people’

Sachin Pilot further said that in this election, report cards of those who have been in power in delhi for 10 years have to be sought. Those people who have come to power by making promises to you, on the issues on which they went to the public, regarding inflation, unemployment and black money, we will have to ask that we formed a government with full majority in delhi for 10 years, but in these 10 years Over the years, be it middle class, farmers, youth, women, Dalits or tribals, which person has the bjp government worked for? Worked only for a few people. bank loans worth Rs 16 lakh crore were waived off for a few people.

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