Your vote is your voice…, DC wrote letter to voters…

Voting for 10 lok sabha seats in haryana including Gurugram will be held in the sixth phase on May 25. Before voting, district election Officer and DC Nishant Kumar Yadav has written an open letter to the voters. In the letter, he has appealed to the voters to participate enthusiastically in the voting process. Nishant Kumar Yadav said in the message issued to the voters, 'With a deep sense of duty and pride, I am writing a letter to you today.'

In a message issued to the voters, the district election Officer said that you have incredible power in your hands to shape the future of the largest democracy. Voting is a proof of our commitment to democratic values. Voting is not just a right but also a sacred duty given to us, which countless people have struggled to achieve and preserve. Commitment to the principles of justice, liberty and equality is the essence of our democracy.

District election Officer's open letter to voters

He said that we will get the opportunity to vote for the 18th time, when we will come together to elect our representatives in the lok sabha of India. In the message, he said, 'Today india is a symbol of vibrant democratic participation with more than 96 crore voters. The number of male voters is more than 49 crore, the number of female voters is more than 47 crore, third gender voters are 48,000 and more than 88 lakh disabled voters. He said that the large number of voters makes our electoral process inclusive. The district election Officer said that Gurugram has witnessed rapid growth and development in recent years.

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