Excellent education is provided to poor people..!?

- Miracles in the ap education system.

- cm jagan is appreciated by officials.

special focus on the students and infrastructure in the government schools of AP.

Many people think that AP cm Jaganmohan reddy will make his mark only in politics. But he also thought brilliantly in selecting the officers provided by the administration. It has been realized that to lead the state in the stage of development, especially the officials who lead the governance of the government should be competent. As a result, IAS and IPS officers who have shown excellent performance in the entire country have been selected and brought to the state. It can be said that many schemes have been brought and implemented for the poor and middle-class people and students with the excellent advice of the officials. 

Retired IAS officer Akunuri murali is also one of the officers jagan praised. Jagan has given an appropriate position to this IAS officer who was left behind by the telangana state government. An order was issued appointing Akunuri murali as the adviser for the creation of educational infrastructure in schools. Akunuri murali also expressed happiness with this. He congratulated jagan for giving such a crucial post in the very popular education system. Besides, many development works have been brought in the name of today with a special focus on the students and infrastructure in the government schools of AP.

It can be said that he worked as an advisor to the school education department of the government for three years and brought radical changes in the government schools. Besides, Akunur murali has said in many interviews that he has not seen a cm like jagan so far, he has given a lot of attention to the education system and has given a lot of priority to today. In andhra pradesh state, excellent education is provided to poor people, Jagan gave the book as the best CM.

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