Maharashtra Boiler Blast: 8 killed in boiler explosion…

A major accident occurred due to boiler explosion in a factory located in MIDC area of Dombivali, Maharashtra. The explosion was so strong that its sound was heard for two to three kilometers. The glasses of nearby buildings were broken. 8 people died and more than 30 people were injured in this accident. Some vehicles have been damaged by the blast. The fire has been brought under control.

What did devendra fadnavis say?

Maharashtra deputy chief minister devendra fadnavis expressed grief over the Dombivali fire incident and ordered an investigation. He said, "The boiler explosion incident at Amudan Chemical Company in Dombivali MIDC is tragic. 8 people have been suspended. Arrangements have been made to treat the injured and more ambulances have been kept ready." He said, "I have discussed with the collector and he too is reaching the spot within 10 minutes. Teams of NDRF, TDRF, and fire Brigade have been called."

Statement of Sharad group mla Rohit Pawar

Rohit Pawar said, "The incident of fire in a chemical company in Dombivali is very gruesome. It is also reported that some workers have been injured and I pray that they all get well soon. However, on behalf of the administration, these Efforts are being made to extinguish the fire, but it is necessary to find out why such incidents of fire and loss of lives of workers happen again and again and appropriate steps should be taken."

How was the view?

After the explosion, huge plumes of black smoke rising into the sky were visible even from a distance. From this it is being estimated how high the intensity of the explosion was. According to ABP Majha, an employee who came out of MIDC after the massive explosion told that the explosion took place in our side company itself. There was such a strong explosion that we all went out. Balls of fire were coming. Our hands are burnt.

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